DP Denmark and Scanseason join forces

– The two companies will merge into one under the Scanseason name and with a new CEO.

DP Denmark specialises in gift wrap, ribbons, boxes and bags in all shapes and sizes, and the company is known by many retailers across Denmark. Scanseason A/S has a significant market position within non-food articles for celebrating special occasions and seasonal festivities, and in 2019 was awarded Næstved’s Business of the Year. The business area was originally part of DP Denmark, but in 2006 separated into an independent company, with Thomas Dalsgaard as the owner and later Lars Galvitas as co-owner.

In 2018, Scanseason bought the activities and company name from former DP Denmark, which had run into financial difficulties. And now the close relationship will once again become one as all activities gather under Scanseason.

Over the years, DP Danmark and Scanseason have worked side by side at the same address on Mosevej in Næstved. All employees in DP Denmark will transfer to Scanseason, which following the merger will employ a total of 31 employees. Total revenue is expected to increase by more than 10% in the coming financial year, which runs until end of April 2022.


Sustainability is a key word today, and DP Denmark has invested heavily in making products greener, an investment that will be further supported as part of Scanseason. Meanwhile, the product range will also be optimised and made even more attractive thanks to the joining of creative forces and a reinforced design process.

“We can see a number of benefits and synergies by bringing these businesses together. We gain more muscle and we benefit from each other’s core competencies, customer relationships and suppliers. We also get to simplify our administration, etc. It just makes good sense, and we are very optimistic about our opportunities in the future,” says owner, Thomas Dalsgaard.


In line with the merger of DP Denmark and Scanseason, Lars Galvit, who is a co-owner, will take over as the new CEO. The decision for the change of management is a strategic one, with the support of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board. “I look forward to taking on the role of CEO. We have built a strong company over the years, and since joining the group of owners back in 2012, Thomas and I have worked closely with the rest of the organisation to achieve great results. I will retain the overall responsibility for sales and marketing in the business, and continue to maintain good relations with customers,” says Lars Galvit.

“Thomas himself has chosen to take on the role of CCO in Scanseason. This gives Thomas responsibility for our creative and commercial forces in the company. In addition, he will continue to be a key part of the business development alongside the rest of the Executive Board in the coming years. The most important tasks that Thomas will be working on in the short term are further strengthening our purchasing organisation, where trend spotting and design development of our large range are key priorities, and he will also be significantly streamlining our supply chain so that our many large and small customers continue to choose us as the reliable supplier they know.

The major freight challenges that we’re currently facing in the market highlight just how important it is to have an efficient supply chain that can guarantee delivery of our many goods to customers every day,” says Lars Galvit.

“We have recently been discussing how we can put together our competencies, synergies and managerial focus so that we can continue to grow with our business. It therefore makes sense to implement the merger and at the same time change our roles and tasks in the Executive Board. I am very much looking forward to my job as creative and commercial director (CCO), as it is an area of responsibility that sits really well with me and where I have extensive experience,” concludes Thomas Dalsgaard.

Questions can be directed to: CEO, Lars Galvit on tel. +45 21 39 06 23

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